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Entrepreneurship Spirit can be Grown

Entrepreneurship is a strong belief in a person to change the world through his ideas and innovations. This belief is then followed up with the courage to take risks to realize these ideas and innovations through the established organization, starting from building, maintaining, developing, to making a real impact on the world.


Risk and planning that is too long is often an obstacle for someone to go forward and run his company. To build a business and become an entrepreneur, as a first step one must cultivate an entrepreneurial spirit and jump right into building a business.

Follow some of the following tips to foster an entrepreneurial spirit.

Growth Entrepreneurship with Intention & Confidence on Starting Business

This includes the basic keys that must be owned by entrepreneurs. How come? If we open a business without intention and belief, surely the business will not run optimally. Make the intention and belief for entrepreneurship as your foundation to build a business.

If you already intend to do business, the next step is to grow your confidence to build a real business and achieve success.

Having the Speed of Seeing Opportunities can cultivate an Entrepreneurship Spirit

Many people start independent businesses because they take advantage of the opportunities they get in their environment. Opportunities must be sought, if necessary go on a trip just to look for business opportunities.

Because everyone who is an entrepreneur must be good at finding opportunities. From that opportunity, a product or service can be created that is needed by many people.

Learn Other People’s Success Stories

There are many stories of successful entrepreneurs who built their business empires from scratch, with hard struggles, ups and downs and finally achieved great success.

Someone’s success story in this business can grow your motivation to do the same and avoid yourself from the fear and risks that will be faced. High motivation to do business will gradually grow the soul in you.


Most people hesitate to start a business because there is no capital/money. To overcome this, you have to find capital. The method? We have to work first. Work must be serious. Don’t just look at our job desk.

Do some other things on the job. In addition to increasing income, it also adds to our experience in the world of work. Capital can also be obtained by borrowing from banks or other parties.

Focus on Entrepreneurship

Many obstacles and obstacles that will be faced in starting a business. Therefore, an attitude of focus coupled with confidence and optimism must be owned by an entrepreneur so that he does not give up easily and stops in the middle of the road.

Have the Ability to Sell

This is very important for prospective entrepreneurs to have. If not, it’s all just wishful thinking. The ability to sell is the only way to get people to buy the product or service you offer. With continued practice and experimentation, your selling skills can develop over time.

Do It Right Now

Many people delay and reason not to start their business, so that their dream of owning a business just sits in place without any action to make it happen.

A successful entrepreneur candidate must have the courage to ” take action ” and eliminate his fears and jump right into it .

If you have started and run a business consistently, automatically the mental and entrepreneurial spirit will be formed.

Those are tips to grow the soul well. Remember, entrepreneurs and entrepreneurs are different. An entrepreneur has an entrepreneurial spirit, but an entrepreneur does not necessarily have an entrepreneurial spirit .

Once you start a business, you have to manage it well so that it can last longer and grow quickly.

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